Frequently asked Questions

Here's a helpful guide regarding our most frequently asked questions. Please get in touch if you have any other question that isn't answered here.

Flasky FAQs

What branding methods do you use?

Depending on the model you choose, you can either choose our Screen Printing branding option or Laser Engraving. Screen Printing is ideal for multi-colour logos that don’t have any gradients or shading. Laser Engraving is best for ‘solid area’ logos. You can read more about our branding methods here.

What’s the best file format for my logo file?

Vector file types are the preferred method, these include .eps, .ai or .cdr file types. We also accept high-resolution raster files such as .jpg, .png or .tiff. Our Graphics Team can help with this if you’re unsure.

Why are Branded Drinkware products so popular?

Custom Water Bottles, Branded Travel Cups and Reusable Straws are genuinely useful promotional products that’ll be used daily, that’s why they’re so popular. Drinkware giveaways are extremely popular at Events and Trade Shows, and they’re also great for client and employee gifts.  

How quickly can you deliver?

We can brand and deliver within 10 working days, often faster than this. 

What’s your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

The MOQ for our products is between 10 and 25 units, depending on which model you choose. Check out our range here to see the MOQ for each model.

What do the products look like when they arrive?

Our Water Bottle and Travel Cup models are individually packaged in recycled cardboard boxes. Our Reusable Straws are fixed onto individual cardboard backing. We try and use as little plastic as possible when packing and delivering your order.

Can I request samples before I buy?

Of course. We can send you free samples via our next-day delivery service. There’s no obligation to buy. Just let us know which models you’d like a sample of.

Product FAQs

What's the difference between a Metal and Vacuum Water Bottle?

A vacuum bottle is designed to keep your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold. This is achieved via our dual-layer insulation technology. You can read more about our Vacuum Water Bottles here. Metal bottles are designed for cold drinks and feature one layer of material rather than two. 

What materials do you use?

Our single layer metal water bottles (e.g. Vita) are made from aluminium that's specially designed to store liquids. Our Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles (e.g.Nova) are made from two layers of high-quality stainless steel. Our Plastic Water Bottle bodies are made from a wide variety of plastics depending on whether they need to be flexible, rigid, or grippy (ask about your preferred model for more details). Our Travel Cups are made from a non-slip silicone. We also offer a stainless steel model. Our Reusable Straw range is made from stainless steel.

What sizes are available?

We offer all of the most popular sizes starting from 240ml going up to 750ml . You can view our models here which includes all product information.

What liquids can Flasky drinkware models store?

  • Vacuum Insulated bottles: can store any hot or cold beverage. Including carbonated beverages.
  • Single Wall Metal Water Bottles: Best for cold drinks or room temperature only, including carbonated beverages.
  • Travel Cups: can store any hot or cold beverages.

Are your products dishwasher safe?

Like other reusable drinkware suppliers, we suggest hand-cleaning our models to ensure the material isn't damaged by dishwashers and the chemicals involved on dishwasher cleaning.

How can I clean my Reusable Straw?

Each straw comes with its own straw cleaning brush. Simply insert the brush into one end and use the grip to slowly clean the straw. We suggest doing this in warm water with dishwashing liquid.

What about BPA and other nasty chemicals?

All of our models are free from BPA and other chemicals that you find with many other Drinkware suppliers. All of our models have been certified and approved.

Looking for more information?

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